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Things to do this August bank holiday

15 | 08 | 2018

Summer is sadly coming to an end and this is our last bank holiday till Christmas, so make sure you take full advantage of the three days off. Whether you’re spending it with the fam, friends or a mixture of both. We’ve thought of a few fun bank holiday ideas, so you don’t have to.


Get ready to wave goodbye to summer with our suggestions of bank holiday activities for everyone.


#1 Day drinking

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Make the most out of the day drinking weather this bank holiday weekend. Although we don’t advise doing this the whole three days, it’s fun for at least one day or two or three… Just to warn you now, day drinking is going to be the pricey option, you can try and budget yourself but it never really ends up working. If you don’t want the day to be too expensive keep it casual and go to a local pub. Or go all out and book a bottomless brunch with the squad.


#2 Camping

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If by some summer miracle there’s no rain during this 3 day weekend, camping is the perfect way to spend your bank holiday. Search for camping sites near you but keep in mind how you want to spend your long weekend. Whether you want to be surrounded by local pubs or an outdoor hike heaven, do your research on which campsite is best for you. Get together your survival kit (beer and blankets) and your BFF’s for the ultimate summer send off.


#3 Staycation

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As we’ve only got 3 days off, travelling abroad can take too much time away from your precious bank holiday weekend. So why not try booking a spontaneous staycation. First things first, find out who will joining you to get the vibe of what mini holiday you’ll be going on. You don’t really want to be wasting a romantic weekend away with your grandma. If you’re worrying about money try keeping it as close as poss, maybe searching for a nearby cottage and have a chilled country weekend.


#4 Family game night

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What could be better than a competitive family game night in. We usually save these joyous nights for Christmas but why not break this tradition and host one on the bank holiday weekend. A family game night is perfect for those who want to stick to a budget. Get the drinks in, maybe make some grub and get the fam to bring round a game of their choice. Go all out with board games or keep it cheap and cheerful with a game of charades.


#5 Keep it local

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Luckily with this bank holiday comes plenty of local events. Keep an eye out for events on Facebook or get planning for something. If you haven’t experienced pride this summer then Manchester is the place for you. Or keep the summer vibe going on the streets of London with Nottinghill Carnival.

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