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Ways To Repurpose Those Unwanted Gifts

31 | 12 | 2020

‘Tis the season of giving and receiving but Christmas gifts can be difficult for anyone to get right… If you’ve received a gift that was thoughtful but not quite to your taste, or not something you’d be likely to wear, why not consider repurposing to spread some joy to someone else?

Maybe you’ve got enough socks, don’t tend to actually watch DVDs anymore with your Netflix subscription, or maybe you’re trying your best to go plastic-free and don’t necessarily need another bottle of shower gel.


Ways To Repurpose Those Unwanted Gifts


Get inspired with our round up of ways to recycle, reuse or donate unwanted Christmas presents.


Re-gift to a loved one

Is the eye watering knitted jumper you got from your auntie Sue sweet but a bit more up your friend’s street than yours? Why not re-gift it to them or arrange a mutual swap of unwanted Christmas presents with your besties.


Give to a charity shop

The most obvious go-to when it comes to re-gifting any unwanted Christmas gifts is to donate to your local charity shop. An easy way to ensure somebody else can find joy in your gift while the money raised goes towards an important cause. A win, win.


Donate to refuges or shelters

Perhaps the most worthwhile re-gifting option would be to donate to your nearest refuge or shelter to give back to those more in need. A quick Google search should bring up any places near you with advice on how to donate and what is needed.


Help out the homeless

Another super worthwhile option is to hand out warm clothing and necessities to the homeless or your local homeless shelter. Have a wardrobe clear out or if you’ve been gifted with any excess socks, hats, scarves, oversized jumpers, or blankets for Christmas this year that aren’t your style, they’ll be much appreciated and keep those on the streets warm during the cold winter months.


Pass on those books

Got piles of books you’re not likely to read or have finished with long ago? Donate them! Raid your bookshelves and look out for any unwanted classic books, magazines or colouring books your local library or primary school might appreciate.


Recycle, recycle, recycle

When it comes to clearing up after the festive fun, remember it’s not just those empty bottles of Prosecco and Christmas cards that can be recycled. Think about the packaging any of your Christmas gifts came in this year and how it can be properly recycled too.


Happy re-gifting!

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