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Your Christmas Eve To-Do List

24 | 12 | 2021


The perfect plan.


Your Christmas Eve To-Do List


Christmas Eve is officially upon us!

With just one sleep left to go until the big day is here it’s time to make the very most of the festive season.

We are talking all out plans! If it’s Christmas themed then simply name it and we are doing it!

This is your ultimate to-do list for Christmas Eve 2021.


Christmas Eve GIF by City of Greenville, NC


Go For A Festive Walk

Put on your best cosy coat, hat and chunky boots then head on out for a Christmas walk.

Why not stop off for a hot chocolate too? Treat yourself, it’s Christmas Eve after all!

Black Plus Puffer | Bucket Hat | Hiker Boots | Reusable Cup



Christmas cookies are the perfect opportunity to get everyone involved. Plus, they will be great to tuck into once made. So what you waiting for? Head to the kitchen before you’re not allowed to step foot in there until atleast lunchtime tomorrow!

Merry Christmas Reaction GIF by Acorn TV


Christmas Movie Marathon

Of course! Now it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without watching all your fave festive films but will it be the classics or something a little more underrated?

Check out our previous post here as we shared our top 5 fave underrated Christmas films!

Don’t forget a snug blanket too.


Create Christmas Cocktails

Yesss to a themed cocktail! What’s not to love?

Candy Cane Crush 

You’ll need:

50ml gin

25ml lemon juice

25ml candy cane vodka or creme de menthe

few drops of Angostura bitters


How to make:

Pour the gin, lemon juice, vodka or creme de menthe and Angostura bitters into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Shake until the outside of the shaker feels very cold.

Double-strain the drink into a cocktail glass.

Garnish with a mini candy cane.


Combine 1 crushed candy cane with a pinch of sea salt flakes.

Tip onto a shallow plate and dip the dampened rim of the glass into the mixture to decorate.


New PJ’s

You guessed it! New pyjamas are a Christmas Eve essential!

Check out our post here to see all the pairs we are loving RN.

PRETTYLITTLETHING Red Monogram Satin Short Pj Set

PRETTYLITTLETHING Red Monogram Satin Long Pj Set


Eat ALL The Snacks

It’s officially time to make the very most of snacking season. From the treat’s you’ve saved since the BIG food shop to endless amounts of cheese and savory snacks.

Now is the time to go all out. Seriously, major grazing board goals!

Hungry Home Alone GIF by Freeform


Play A Family Game

It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without a little bit of competition!

Gather your loved ones and prepare for winner takes all.

FRIENDS Bingo | Celebrity Super Snap


Check Out The Christmas Lights

Make the most of festive displays before the big day! Whether it’s your local area, a National Trust route or a drive in the car (Christmas pj’s acceptable). Light spotting is a super cute way to soak up the festive atmosphere.

christmas lights GIF


Prep For The Big Day

Finally, make sure you are more than ready to sleigh come tomorrow!

Be merry & bright babe.

Decorating Christmas Tree GIF by Mariah Carey


Happy Christmas!

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