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What To Do When You’re A Side Chick

16 | 01 | 2018

The main thing to remember when being a side chick is to not expect more than what it is. Being a side chick is a way for you both to have a good time, and not worry about where it’s going. If you wear your heart on your sleeve then being a side chick definitely isn’t for you.

What To Do When You’re A Side Chick

#1 Keep the situation to yourself

At the end of the day what you’re doing isn’t ideal for you or the other people involved. Friends and family will always pass comment ‘you’re too good for this’, ‘it’s not fair on the other girl’, ‘he’s just a player, he’s vile’. If you’re ok being a secret in this relationship then the relationship is best kept a secret.

Side Chick

#2 Always have a backup plan

Prepared to be let down. Make sure you always know what your friends are doing, that you can go to the gym or partake in a hobby. There’s nothing worse than being let down but at least you won’t feel as let down if you have something else to do.

Side Chick

#3 Realise who you might be hurting

You’re only hurting yourself and other ‘girls’ involved. Just imagine if you were the ‘girlfriend’ in this scenario and how soul destroying it would be finding out he had a whole other life. Let’s have a think about the uproar as well when the truth comes out. No you might not be the one technically doing anything wrong but does this reflect well on you?

Side Chick

#4 Consider the future

What do you really want? Are you happy knowing that you are wasting your time? Will you enjoy the moment it all comes to an end? Do you want him to meet your friends and family? You know that isn’t an option being a side chick.

Side Chick

#5 Get out if you’re not happy

Having a secret relationship/being a secret will be extremely emotional for you in the long run. If you have spoken to your partner about how you feel and nothing changes, then you need to get out. Remember bae’s if he wants to be with you he will be.

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