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Your Biggest Relationship Mistake By Star Sign

24 | 05 | 2022


Let’s talk dating mistakes…


Your Biggest Relationship Mistake By Star Sign


We’ve all made them, whether it be going for the one you simply know is the ultimate f-boy or settling for someone who doesn’t treat you quite right.


Ever thought it could be based on your star sign?


Horoscopes share a lot about your personality traits so maybeeeee it wasn’t that you had the rose tinted glasses on after all but in fact unavoidable due to your zodiac…


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Today on the PrettyLittleThing blog we’re sharing the biggest relationship mistakes as based on your star sign.



Ok Gemini, no running this time!

We get that you find it hard when things get ‘serious’ and simply runaway before anyone gets close but giving up on a relationship before things have even got started is set to make you struggle for the foreseeable.

It’s time to face up and understand not everyone is the same – who knows, this could be the one…



You’re all about trust Cancer, so letting someone in is a big step for you. We get it! But (as you already know) when you let down that wall you reallyyyy let it down.

Remember not to loose yourself within a relationship, if somebody is taking you for granted – that’s on them, not you. Stay true to yourself, Cancer. You’re more than enough!

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Ok, Leo. Hard truth is you’re a rollercoaster when it comes to emotions within a relationship.

When things are good, they’re GREAT and when things are not so good, well your partner should probs run for the hills (or at least hide in a separate room until you’re feeling ready to talk).

Try not to take out your emotions on your other half, most of the time they just want to help.



You’re a fixer, Virgo. Now whilst nothing is wrong with self-improvement, it can be difficult when it comes to dating. We know you’re only wanting to allow your partner to be the best version of themselves but how about letting them figure it out in their own way?

Sure they leave the bathroom towel on the floor every. single. day. But, is that the worst thing in the world?

Let them be babe, and if you can’t? Then truth is, they probably aren’t the one for you.

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Your patience is a blessing but brings relationship issues. Sorry Libra, it’s the truth.

You hate to cause a scene and instead will politely smile through time after time, but then… breaking point!

So whilst your partner is wondering why you’re going crazy over ‘something small’ you’ve in fact remembered EVERY SINGLE annoying thing they have done over the past three months and are making the most of this shouting match.

Share how you’re feeling as and when it happens, seriously Libra it will save you in the long run.



You’re all about the extremes, Scorpio.

Whilst it’s probably no surprise to you a relationship with a Scorpio is quite simply all or nothing.

Peace or war. We know it can be hard to work as a team with your other half when quite honestly, they have annoyed you in ways you didn’t even know were possible. But, working together to fix these issues will make for easy breezy sailing in the future.

Take a deep breath and talk it over, make for a constructive outcome that will hopefully help when it comes to the next disagreement.

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It’s all fun, Sagittarius! Best believe we are ALL for you living your best life but when you start to truly feel the feels, there’s absolutely NO WAY you’re admitting it.

Don’t make light of how you feel, discuss with your partner and let them understand that your fears and feelings matter. Talk it out, actually to your partner (not just the girls when you’ve had a few too many cocktails).



Your past stays with you, Capricorn.

We know you think hurt is just part of the process but try not to paint everyone with the same brush.

Your pessimistic and there is nothing wrong with that but don’t be so sure everyone is setting you up for heartbreak.

Take things slow and let fate lead the way. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

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Change and letting go of control – two things that come with a relationship and two things you most definitely hate, Aquarius.

You are independent AF so of course you’re going to struggle when it comes to the chaos that a relationship can be. Try not to overthink or fear the change that a relationship can bring, instead think of just how incredible this chapter in your life could be…

Open up your heart and simply let them in, you never know what could happen.



You want the fairytale Pisces and there is nothing wrong with that! Just be sure you never settle to secure your story. The right person will love you for you, quirks and all so, if you feel you’re loosing parts of yourself – it could be time to relook at your situation.

You deserve a love you simply don’t have to question.

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Ok Aries, you’re a leader and so perhaps your partner is not as outspoken as you…

Ensure you aren’t taking them or their relaxed laidback personality for granted, sure they are there for you through thick & thin but it’s a two way street.

Make time for your loved one and know they will forever support you when things are done right.



We get it Taurus, you’re not much of a talker but nothing good comes from bottling everything in.

Truth is, it’s all just going to come out in a argument sooner or later – don’t ignore relationship issues instead face them head on and maintain your harmony.

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