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Your February Horoscope 2024

02 | 02 | 2024


Your PrettyLittleThing horoscope for February 2024 has arrived!

Aquarius season, we see you.


Star Sign Dates

2nd January – 18th February


2024 Horoscope

Ok, Aquarius. Birthday season has officially arrived and you’re more than ready.

We know you’ve felt misaligned recently, but good things are coming.

Continue to work on your goals whilst still taking time out for yourself.

Be sure to prioritise a moment to yourself when things are feeling manic.



Air sign, meaning you are curious, full of ideas and are a great communicator.

Both Gemini and Libra also belong to the Air element, so you’re in good company.


Aquarius Traits

Aquarians are very upfront people.

You’re more than happy to tell others how it is, even when it’s the harsh truth.

This in mind, just remember not everybody is as resilient as you are.


One of the most independent signs.


No dream is out of sight.




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Get to know the Gemini’s, Aquarius.

The mental and emotional connection allows you to get each other to the fullest.

You’re both big on creativity and ideas meaning ideas bounce off one another effortlessly.

We say that’s goals!


How To Celebrate Aquarius Season?

The post Jan blues are over so why not head on out out for birthday celebrations?

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PLT Words Of Wisdom

You’re allowed to make a big deal of things that are important to you.

Do it for your future self!


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