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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Drunk Texting Your Ex

31 | 08 | 2017
drunk texts

Baes we are all guilty of texting someone we shouldn’t. Having too much to drink and feeling brave, then waking up the next morning and literally wanting to die with shame, and embarrassment. Something I tend to do is delete the text as soon as it’s sent, so you can’t remember what you said anyway. Deleting takes away a bit of the tragic, shame shadow, that hangs above your head the morning after.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Drunk Texting Your Ex

#1 Is he with his friends?

Because if he is, he is probably going to show them the message (and depending on the message topic determines their reaction, and will they shame you when they see you? So is it worth it?)… OR he probably won’t reply for ages, so this will just stress you out and you may end up double texting, which is an absolute NO GO!

Drunk Text

#2 He cut you off remember? So is it worth disrespecting yourself like that?

Listen baes, you’re worth more than that, if he is the one that cut you off months ago (fuckboy alert) without an explanation you definitely don’t need him in your life. If you see something that makes you angry, don’t entertain it he will just gain satisfaction from it. Best thing you can do is ignore and act like you don’t care.

Drunk Text Your E

#3 What are you wanting to achieve by texting him?

Are you wanting to see him? Do you want to get back with him? Are you angry? Do you want to have it out with him, after he broke your heart? Seeing him is probably not a good idea especially if you’re drunk, you will regret it the next day. If you are wanting to rekindle things then I would save this for when you’re sober, otherwise things could get heated and end up even worse than they are.

Drunk Text

#4 Is the outcome going to end in more heartache?

Hun it took you months to make this much progress, you’re having fun with your friends, you look good, you feel good, you have ambitions. A drunken message to your ex and a quick meet up will just knock your confidence back down into the ground. You haven’t done it sober, so why would you do it drunk? You’re stronger than this!

Drunk Text

#5 He is your ex for a reason, do you need this guy back in your life?

List all the reasons why he is your ex in your head before you send the text. Usually they’re your ex because you aren’t compatible, you live too far apart or he left your for someone else (yes I said it). Gotta be cruel to be kind. So is this someone that you should put your time and effort into? Time is a healer, and you may think this is the only guy for you but it isn’t. Plenty more fish in the sea!

Drunk Text Your Ex

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