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5 Things To Expect When You Start Uni

05 | 08 | 2019

All set for Uni?

You’ve probably bought 14 saucepans, 19 towels and 8 duvets.

Rookie error.

Follow these failsafe tips for settling in smoothly to Uni life.


5 Things To Expect When You Start Uni


#1. Freshers Flu

Stress, bad eating habits, lack of sleep and mingling with new people will have you looking a snotty mess.

The perfect environment for sickness to spread. Gross. 

Stay hydrated and try to rest but it might just be unavoidable.

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#2. Social Queen

There will be social events coming out of your ears.

There will be lots of fun things to get involved in – whether it’s nights out, social clubs and societies or just meeting new friends and hanging out.

Get involved and get to know the people you live with – you might just make life long friends!

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#3. Budget Babes

You’ll probably blow waaaay too much money in the first couple of weeks at freshers.

Once you’ve settled in you need to set some good spending habits going.

And buy good habits we don’t mean buying the cheapest gin.

Get all your main expenses such as food, books, rent, clothes etc out the way and work out how much you have to blow.

This one is crucial to avoid ringing up your mum and asking for a fiver every other day.

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#4. Keep The Peace

If you’re living in halls you will come across all sorts of people who live differently to you.

Their idea of ‘clean’ may be totally different from yours.

It’s so not worth falling out over who needs to do the dishes.

Try and encourage an honest and open vibe in the flat instead of blame to get things done.

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#5. Look After Number 1

People will tell you uni is the best time of your life and for a lot of people, it is.

However, moving away from home and your family and friends can be really daunting.

A new environment with new people and rules can really take its toll. Some people just find it harder to adjust and that’s totally ok.

Give it a few weeks to settle in but if you’re still not feeling it make sure you check out your uni’s wellbeing centre and what options they have.

It’s important to look after yourself so you’re able to get on track and get your degree + enjoy your time at uni.

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