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7 Signs You’re Addicted To Social Media

01 | 05 | 2018

We’re living in a world where social media is LIFE. Let’s face it, we all spend endless hours scrolling in a morning instead of getting out of bed, or stalking baes ex until our fingers hurt (seriously, WHY do we do this?)

7 Signs You’re Addicted To Social Media

But are you REALLY addicted to social media? If you’re guilty of the below it may be a sign that you need to go give yourself a break.

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#1 Your 68 weeks deep on your friends, cousins, sisters Instagram looking at her holiday snaps. It’s gonna be kinda awkward if you ever bump into her and have to make conversation. “Hey hun I saw your pics from your trip to Mexico, how was it?” “Ummm, that was two years ago babe…” AWKY MO.

#2 You take photos of literally everything and upload them to your social media sites. You just need to show the world your selfies, squad selfies, photos of cute dogs, clothes and most of all the pizza you ate last night.

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#3  Entering a place with no WiFi is basically the end of the world to you – or at least a world you don’t want to be part of. Say your dating a boy and he tells you he has no wifi at his house, your gonna ditch him right? We understand, girl.

#4 If you ever wake up in the middle of the night and just HAVE to check out what’s going down on your social media before attempting to get back into the land of Nod. Hey, you might have missed something crucial since the last time you checked (a mere 4 hours ago), right?

#5 You can’t go anywhere without sharing your location. Whether its the location icon on Insta stories or a check in on FB, people always know where you are girl and that means they always know you’re out living your best life.

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#6 If something interesting happens, you’re videoing it instead of living in the moment. Like when you watched the Beyonce concert from start to finish… through the screen on your phone. At least you can relive the moment forever though, right? I mean let’s face did, did it even actually happen unless you Instagrammed it for the world (or your 500 followers) to see?

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#7 You believe EVERYTHING that you read online. Your fave celeb couple had a fallout? OMG. You’re gonna have to start paying for your social media accounts? NO WAY. Unicorns are real? HELL YEAH. Just no, hun.


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