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How To Become A Morning Kinda Gal

17 | 08 | 2017

Let’s face it, we all hate getting out of bed in a morning. You’ve set 10 alarms and slept through them ALL. So you jump up and put on the thinnest layer of mascara ever (or pop some false lashes on), a baggy jumper and sliders (with your hair In a bun of course) and head off to work. Everyone wants to look and feel fresh in a morning, but instead you’ve ended up with your t-shirt on back to front and your taking your mood out on your colleagues… Let’s be honest, you ain’t feeling your best are you…. You can totes leave those days behind you girl and turn yourself into a morning person, instead of looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed you can strut into work with your makeup on #FLEEK and outfit #ON POINT.



Sounds easy right? But when you’re sat up until 3am on your weekly Netflix binge or scrolling through your Insta page deciding on your next outfit buy, you’re surely going to struggle at springing out of bed come the AM. Of course this is okay to do every so often, but if you’re not feelin’ that lie in, swap your regular chilled routine for some minor exercise or cleaning. This will tire you out fo’ sure. Not to mention it will leave you feeling funky fresh, energized and happy.


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Let’s be honest, if you wake up and you ain’t got your sh*t together, your gonna be rushing around in a panic. Get some goals for the day after and prep your stuff the night before and then you can be relaxed in the morning, making you happier and mega chilled. This will also help you relax in bed… making tip #1 that little bit easier too.



Waking up at the weekend at 3pm after a heavy night out and thinking you’ve missed the day because your blackout blind is cutting out the sun. That is all fun and games, however, to become a morning person you need to let the light in. You will always feel groggy if you get up when it’s light and finally open your blinds to the sunlight. Waking up when the sun rises will give you a routine and once your into that routine, you’re more likely to enjoy your mornings.


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Instead of sleeping with your phone literally under your pillow (just in case bae calls during the night), put it further away from you… Obviously close enough for you to hear it but if you sleep with your alarm at the opposite site of the room, the idea is you have to get up to turn it off. The last thing you need is Rihanna playing and playing and playing in a morning on repeat. Get up and turn that alarm off girl! Once you’re out of bed, you’re out of bed, make the most of it and kick start your day!



Ok forget what we said about Rihanna, There is no better way to start your day than listen to a song that will brighten up your mood and take you through your morning. Get groovy girl and crank that music right up (earphones will do the trick if your parents are in bed). It is bound to get you in the mood for your day and even excited for the weekend. START YOUR DAY WITH A SASSY HAIR FLIP, GET DANCING AND WAKE UP!


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To change your lifestyle, you must change the way you’re thinking. Convince yourself and create goals, this way you will want to wake early in the morning to make the most of your day. Give yourself a kick start to your day by thinking positive thoughts. Every gal gotta have goals and you’ll be feeling aammaaaaaazing when you reach them. If you want it girl, you’ve gotta make it happen!


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Even people who absolutely love waking up first thing in the morning deserve a lie in sometimes. Take some time to give yourself a break from the early rises and treat yourself to a lie in. You will appreciate it much more and you can recharge your batteries for the week ahead.


So girl, get motivated, grab some breakfast and your fave smoothie and seize the day!

Get stuff done and feel good about yourself. Following these simple steps you’re sure to become a morning person in no time.

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