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How To Create A Healthy Sleep Routine

21 | 04 | 2021


Struggling to get enough Z’s? We’re here to help…


How To Create A Healthy Sleep Routine


If your sleep routine is a little upside-down right now, you aren’t alone – the stress of lockdown has meant that many of us are majorly struggling to get our full 8 hours. Not having enough sleep can make it hard for us to concentrate on daily tasks, negatively affect our mood, and can be damaging to our health long-term.

But don’t worry doll, there are small, simple steps that you can take to help get you back on track, and on your way to the perfect night’s slumber.



Create a Relaxing Environment

Create a relaxing sleep environment by ensuring your bedroom is clutter-free, at the perfect temperature and super comfortable. Refresh your bedding by adding some fluffy blankets, soft pillows, and think about investing in a really good mattress topper (This ones game changer!). You can also check out our homeware range here for the ultimate bedroom inspo.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling on your phone before bed, why not substitute this by listening to an audiobook or playing soft music to prevent you from staring at a screen and keeping your mind switched on. There are also some amazing mobile apps such as Calm for guided sleep meditation which will help you learn some more in-depth techniques.



Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

We know doll – this ones a total letdown, but cutting down your caffeine levels is so so important when it comes to getting your full 8 hours. Avoid any caffeinated drinks at least six hours before bedtime to avoid feeling that coffee-buzz and to prevent a nasty headache developing during the night.

Why not try switching up your tea or coffee with a herbal or caffeine-free alternative? We personally love camomile tea at bedtime as it includes stomach-calming antioxidants, sleep-inducing properties and helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. We’ll take three!



Take A Warm Bath Or Shower

If you are struggling to feel tired towards bedtime, try taking a long bath or shower. Play some calming music, light a candle, and treat yourself to a full skincare routine to fully relax your senses. This will prepare you for sleep by warming your body temperature up, leaving you feeling super cosy, squeaky-clean, and ready to crawl into those fresh sheets. How dreamy!

Check out our bath and shower products for a seriously luxurious feel.



Get Outside

Fresh air and exercise are key in creating a healthy sleep routine, so try to get outside in nature at least once a day. You will be surprised how much the fresh air can positively affect your mood and your sleeping habits, since you will easily burn off extra energy and increase your oxygen intake.

Your daily walk doesn’t have to be a chore doll, why not create a soundtrack of your fave feel-good tracks to listen to while you walk, or call your girl gang to get those steps in together while having a good ol’ catch-up.


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