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How To Survive Your Uni Halls

18 | 09 | 2019

Living in University halls can be a great learning curve and leap into independence.

It can also end up with you making the same pesto pasta dish every night and never taking the bins out. Gross. 

It’s the modern-day Hunger Games. 

Ok, chill it’s not that bad. But follow these top tips for shared living success.



How To Survive Your Uni Halls


#1. Food Wars

Having a shared fridge can be very troublesome.

You’ll always have that flatmate who comes home and drunk eats all your snacks.

Try and level with them and understand that these things happen but they just need to replace what they ate.

Or hide all your food under your bed and ignore people when they ask what that weird smell is.

food fight pizza GIF by Cash Cash


#2. Party Szn

People will want to go out almost every night of the week.

However, you need to write that 5,000-word essay about trees. Mega sigh.

Prioritise your work and accept that it can’t be fun all the time.

It certainly won’t be fun when you fail AND didn’t learn anything about the trees.

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#3. Noisy Neighbours

People will be loud. A lot. Just get some earplugs.

You’re not getting away from this one.

lisa kudrow television GIF


#4. Fight Night

It’s easy for petty arguments to become huge issues in a confined living space.

Especially when you all need to work together and someone isn’t being agreeable.

Try not to take sides and keep a low profile for an easy life.

Girl Fight Fighting GIF by Shalita Grant


#5. Nice Girls Always Win

You’ll come across all sorts of people from many different walks of life.

Always be friendly, polite and get to know people. Respect and understanding is key.

Uni is all about broadening your horizons and changing it up.

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Hope these tips help. Most importantly, ENJOY IT.




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