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Q&A With Influencer Cambell Kenneford

10 | 05 | 2021


Today we are catching up with UK based influencer Cambell Kenneford.


Q&A With Influencer Cambell Kenneford


Not only known for serving us iconic looks, but Cambell also focuses her social media platform to create a safe space for her followers and a place to spread LGBT awareness.


Hey Cambell, thanks so much for taking the time to catch up with us today! Would you be able to share a little bit about yourself please?

Hey! No problem, I’m so excited to be working with PLT and talking to you!

I’m Cambell, I’m a transgender influencer on Instagram which I use to spread my positive message and bring awareness in an accessible way to trans issues to those who may not know much or for those who want to be ally’s. I post about lots of different things but it’s mostly about outfits combined with important issues which is what I love doing.



We know you have always been very open about your transition and we are so here for it! For anybody who may just be starting their journey, do you have any advice or something you’d tell your younger self? Especially knowing how happy and confident you are now.

Definitely! I would say keep a good group of people around you. Transitioning can be really lonely sometimes, especially at the beginning when you’re feeling no one understands how you feel and the world is against you. Be honest and open with people and tell them how you’re feeling. Your friends and family are there to help you. You can always make friends online too – that’s what I did. I made friends with people who were in the LGBT community or people who felt similar to me and found so much comfort in realizing I wasn’t alone. That’s when I really came into my own.



We LOVED when you featured in the #blendoutbullying campaign. Is there a particular beauty product which is your ultimate ride or die?

Thank you! I love Jecca Blac’s glow drops. They’re actually a brand which was founded on helping the trans community with makeup. I use the glow drops every day, you can use it on your body and mix it in with your foundation for a dewy look.



We’ve got to say it, your content is next level! Do you have any go-to poses or locations when you’re shooting?

I always get inspiration when I’m out and about. I look for cute places to get content if I’m on a train or going for a walk so I’m always finding new locations. It helps that I live in London so there is so much. I do try and plan everything beforehand too, I’ll find an outfit and then find a location that it would work well with. I also follow accounts that I love and get inspiration from them too!



With plans back on the cards we are so ready for full glam OOTD’s.

With so many iconic looks on your Insta, could you tell us your outfit essentials for a night out look?

I’m so excited that things are open again, I have so many outfits that I want to wear out. I’ve always shopped PLT even before collaborating as there’s outfits for all occasions. I feel like you can’t go wrong with a blazer and wear it with jeans or leather trousers. Or even an oversized blazer to wear with thigh high boots. I love abstract prints at the moment too!






Want to keep up to date with all things Cambell? Be sure to check her out on Insta here.

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