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Smart Holiday Packing Tips

25 | 07 | 2017
smart holiday packing


So you’ve got your holiday booked, and you’ve already used Trip Advisor to scout out the cheap bars and insta-worthy hotspots. You’ve bought miniature versions of all your fave toiletries because they’re SO CUTE. Now all that’s left to do is pack. We know those stressed packing feels all too well, and we’re here with a comprehensive badass guide to gettin’ that case well and truly PACKED.


smart holiday packing tips

Facetime fashion show

If you’re anything like us, you’ll consult your BFF about literally everything – so why should holiday packing be any different!? Grab your phone, Facetime your girl, and werkkkk it.  Your ride or die can help you decide on the hottest holiday #OOTDs and might even be able to lend you a garm or two.


smart holiday packing tips

Be ruthless

Ask yourself ‘do I really need to take 4 different pairs of heels on holiday?’ In an ideal world, we would chuck our entire wardrobe in one of those vacuum bags and have done with it. But sadly, baggage size and weight thresholds exist (FFS Ryanair) so we gotta get smart with our choices. Two words: capsule wardrobe. If it wasn’t for growing up watching Gok Wan on TV, we would have no idea what a capsule wardrobe was. Shoutout to you Gok, you da best.


smart holiday packing tips

Snack time

Packing is draining, and we will take any excuse for a snack. You should remember to break up your packing sesh with trips to the fridge. Remember to keep hydrated too – we suggest something alcoholic and fruity to get you in the holiday spirit (quite literally). Oh and actually, one quick episode of Project Runway couldn’t hurt.. it might even inspire some fiiiire holiday looks. Probably not, but any excuse right?

*2 hours later*


smart holiday packing tips

Compact your case

Here’s the tip we all know and love: sit your butt down on that case. Seriously. Throw your full body weight on top if you gotta. Just do whatever it takes to get that case zipped up. Pro tip: this one is usually best after snack time. that food baby gotta have some use, right?


Make negotiations

You’ve come to the point where you cannot fit another thing in your case. Sh*t. This is the part where you offer your travelling companion(s) the window seat on the plane, first pick of beds in the hotel room and at least one ice cream a day throughout the whole trip in exchange for stuffing a makeup bag, 3 more bikinis and a pair of flip flops into their case. After all, what are family and friends for!?


Airport #OOTD

So you want to take 2 sweaters and 3 jackets as cover ups for when it gets a lil’ bit chilly? Girl that is valuable packing space you srsly can’t afford. Wearing all your outerwear to travel in is the only logical solution, surely? Look on the positive side, if you get too sweaty, that means you’re burning calories. Calories you will soon be consuming in the form of six pina coladas (per hour) obv.

Ahhh packed FINALLY! Send us a postcard..


smart holiday packing tips

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