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Stranger Things Season 2 Round Up

05 | 10 | 2017

We are totes ready for the Halloween season and guess what’s coming back onto our screens…. Stranger Things! We absolutely loved season 1 and we were spooked, we jumped and we kinda laughed too. If your a 80’s kid or even just a fan then I bet you love this Netflix series. The whole series is a mystery that keeps us glued to our TV screens. So are we ready for season 2?? Yes, we are! Get creative with some DIY Halloween costumes and get right into the Stranger Things theme. Looking for a group Halloween idea? This is perfect!


Stranger Things

What we already know about season 2

Eleven will be returning

Despite us wondering if she would ever return to season 2 after the dramatic ending of last season. It is good news, Eleven is back and she is stronger than ever. YASSSS queen!

Will is also back

Despite being trapped in the upside down last series and only having a small amount of airtime. In fact, the trailers insist he gets most of the airtime this time around. Will joins the boys this series for all of the fun and spookiness. This doesn’t mean that the darkness isn’t here to take over.


Barb will finally get the justice she deserved

We loved barbs style! That faux fur jacket we are just digging and it was a sad moment when we lost Barb to the darkness of the upside down last series. Not all doom and gloom though, it has been confirmed that season 2 finds justice for her.

Image result for barb stranger things gif


We will see more of the ‘Upside Down’

Released images and footage of season 2 confirm we will be seeing much more of the creepy world that the Stranger Things guys call the ‘Upside Down’. We are ready for Halloween so ready to be spooked! Maybe Joyce will use more and more fairy lights to communicate?

Image result for the stranger things fairy lights gif

The wait is finally over and we have a sneak peek of the season 2 trailer for you! The season was supposed to be released on Halloween but we just can’t wait that long! So don’t go making any plans on the 27th of October and have your fairy lights at the ready because this season is going to turn upside down….





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