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Talking Fitness With Samantha Dewhurst

11 | 05 | 2018


Fitness junkie Samantha Dewhurst is killing it right now on the fitness scene. As one of the winners in the girl’s team of ITV’s Survival Of The Fittest she is taking no prisoners when it comes to working on being her best possible self.


Talking Fitness With Samantha Dewhurst


We caught up with her to talk why fitness is so important to her, what you should seriously never do at the gym and why cheat treats should always be savoury.


How important is fitness to you?

Fitness isn’t a chore for me, it’s a hobby. Just like people enjoy bike riding or reading, my hobby is going to the gym and maintaining that healthy lifestyle. My interest in fitness materialises from social media all the way through my past and the ability to improve my future.


Why do you think getting fit and eating well is so popular right now?

I think not only does fitness help you physically but I believe people are starting to see the mental benefits it provides as well, and since mental health issues are increasing, society has started to focus on the holistic approaches to improving our well being in all social, mental, emotional and physical areas.


Tell us your fave motivational quote? 

“Let go of whats gone, be grateful for what remains, and look forward to what is coming.”


What does a typical week in workouts look like for you?

I split my sessions up so I will always target Legs/Booty twice a week, Upper Body 2/3 times a week, and I do cardio 4 times a week. Abs I include here and there in my workouts (whether I have the energy hehe).


What’s one song you always have on repeat when you’re working out?

Zie Zie – Fine girl!! wish I knew the words though hahaha.



What’s your fave cheat treat?

I am a savoury person over sweet so has to be something carb focused haha, so pizza, bread, crisps, anything along those lines!


One piece of gym wear you couldn’t live without?

Has to be the taupe cycling shorts and racer top in Nude by PLT, they literally make your booty look LUSH, and there squat proof and sweat proof too!! The set just looks insane in the sun.


How do you stay motivated when working out is the last thing you wanna do?

I just look at the post effects of working out and change my mindset and think If I don’t work out then I will feel even worse then I do now. 10 minutes of getting ready is much more easier to achieve than dealing with the effects later on for a few hours of not getting up off my arse!


What’s one thing you should never do at the gym?

Video people who are doing an exercise which may seem perverted or “weird”. Also, never EVER laugh or talk about someone at the gym. Everyone is there for their own personal reasons, creating humour around someone’s dream is diabolical.


What advice would you give to any newbies getting into health/fitness?

Do not look on Instagram and think “I want to be her”, ” I need her figure”. Instead, change your mindset and think “right, I want to not only look good but feel good too” or ” I want to reap the benefits of feeling positive and healthy because this will not only improve my mental well being but also improve my health and life expectancy”. Once you set a goal, you’ll be surprised at how determined you are to achieve it.


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