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The Best Workouts For When You Don’t Wanna Workout

24 | 09 | 2019

Wanna workout but just don’t have the energy? It’s an everyday struggle.


The Best Workouts For When You Don’t Wanna Workout


Motivation well and truly gone out the window but don’t want to feel guilty for skipping the gym?

Here are the best workouts for when you’re just feeling a lil’ bit lazy.


#1 Swimming

Swerve the treadmill and hit the swimming pool. Swimming keeps your heart rate pumping and helps tone muscles and build strength without the impact stress on your body. A gentle swim can burn just over 200 calories in half an hour, so this is the perfect workout if you’re not feeling up to hardcore cardio.


#2 Hot Yoga

Stretch it out and get a lil’ sweaty at a hot yoga class. This is the perfect class for if your muscles are sore from the gym and your body just needs to relax. It’ll detoxify your body and give you that amazing post-workout glowy skin.


#3 Pilates

Much like yoga, pilates is designed to help improve flexibility with a focus on balance and posture. Pilates is a fab way to burn those extra kcals from that sneaky Kit-Kat you ate at lunchtime and it won’t put your body under too much stress.


#4 Abs Blast

A quick 10-minute belly-blasting workout with target your entire core and burn fat. You’ll feel the burn in a really short amount of time so you don’t need to commit to a full 45-60 minute workout. Ideal for us lazy ones.

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