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Moving In With Bae

15 | 07 | 2019

You’ve taken a humongous leap in life and decided to move in with bae… well hun, life isn’t always rosy and most relationships are hard work.

So here’s what to expect to find in your humble abode when you move in with your significant other.


Moving In With Bae



So you’ve shared a bed with bae 100’s of times before and you think that sleeping together every night will be fine right? WRONG. Having different work schedules is okay but if your bae goes to work earlier than you then be prepared for the alarms. I say alarms as 1 alarm is NEVER enough. Be ready for them to hit that snooze button 5 times before they actually get up. Each time disturbing you… which is just what you want on a Monday morning when you’re still trying to nurse your 2 day hangover. Getting earplugs could work but trust us most of the time bae will sleep through their alarm anyway forcing you to scream at them to turn it off. YAY.


bill murray clock GIF



A place where you can relax, unwind and have a long soak in the bath. Put your feet up and forget about the stresses of work. Nothing could disturb your inner peace until you go in there after bae. Water on the floor, wet towels everywhere and you have to teach them how to use a toilet brush. VOM. Light a few candles and get the bleach out babe, you’re gonna need it! What do they get up to in there? In fact, we don’t even wanna know. Sometimes it’s like living with a child but trust us you’ll get used to it. Switching between girlfriend and ‘mum’ in a split second is a skill we unfortunately have acquired over time.


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Food is just about our most favourite thing EVER. Bae & food, what could go wrong? Well quite a lot actually. Firstly, they leave crumbs errrrrrywhere so get the Henry Hoover out girls. If you think you got all the crumbs first try then try again because they will get in places you didn’t know crumbs could even get. They are also incapable of closing packets/boxes properly meaning most of your big Aldi shop is wasted. How inconsiderate?! If that’s not bad enough then anything else that hasn’t gone stale will be eaten. TRUST US. Yes we know you’re trying to bulk up hun but we’re not trying to die of starvation thanks.


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Quality Time

After a while of living together and as you adapt to each other you can get stuck in a bit of a rut. You wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV & go to bed. 5/7 days. That’s over 71% of your week doing the same mundane routine. BORING. Your couch usually isn’t big enough to cuddle on, you only get in bed to sleep and you may feel like the spark has gone. So it’s important to set aside specific nights/hours to each other to remember why you’re together. Cook a fancy meal, binge watch your favourite TV show and don’t take the little things for granted. Living with anyone is intense let alone the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. So slow down and enjoy it, babe.


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