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What To Expect At Freshers Week

27 | 08 | 2019

Lose the fresher nerves and get the 411 on everything to expect.

It’s going to be one hell of a week so you better get prepared!


What To Expect At Freshers Week


Awkward Intros


Me: Hi I’m Jess I love vodka shots and my guinea pig Joanne and brushing my teeth.

Get them out the way and bite through the awks.

awkward cardi b GIF


Fancy Dress

The middle-aged team that run the events will no doubt put on some kind of tacky fancy dress affair.

You’ll look ridiculous but 25 minutes in you’ll be loving it.

tv land dreaming GIF by #Impastor


1 Tequila, 2 Tequila…

You’ll get more drunk than you have been in your life.

Be responsible though, you don’t want to get the rep as *that* sloppy girl.

real housewives party GIF


Kiss Kiss

You’ll ignore your mum’s advice and kiss too many strangers.

Pucker up, sis.

Save the regrets for the next day.

johnny depp kiss GIF


Squad Goals

You’ll think you’ve met your life long friends on day one.

Week 3 you won’t remember their names.

squad in sync GIF by Maggie Rogers



Moving in with 8 strangers is just bizarre.

You’ll need a lot of time outs from those weirdos.

frightened season 1 GIF



You can’t attend everything going on.

Pick and choose what you can and make sure you don’t blow all your cash in the first week.

sad ben affleck GIF



No doubt you’ll make some memories for life!

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