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Easy Home Improvements To Make Now

01 | 04 | 2020

Feeling bored of the same old?


Easy Home Improvements To Make Now

During this time of uncertainty, we’re all spending A LOT more time at home.

Peep below some easy home improvements to transform your space and mind!


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Colour Scheme Change

So many of us go for the neutral vibe with our home decor, so why not mix things up with a pop of colour!

Dusky pink cushions from your bedroom? Pop them on the living room sofa!

Statement artwork on the dining room walls? Add a piece or two to the landing.

You don’t even need to buy all new bits, just switch up the homeware you already own!

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Organise Organise Organise

Now is the PERFECT time to organise your life, whether that be the kitchen cupboards or your ‘drobe.

If you don’t already own any, invest in some storage containers to maintain your organisation too!

Group together your kitchen spices, any loose veg in the fridge, your skincare – anything!

Maria Kondo your space and have a proper declutter.

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Accessorise Your Walls

Wall art and prints can completely transform a space and make it your own.

Whether you’re using photos of your nearest and dearest, ordering prints online or doing a lil DIY.

Renting? Don’t worry! Command strips are the perfect way to secure art to your walls without any damage and they’re super affordable!

Transform those bare walls into the ultimate insta worthy background.

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